Who are Best at Study Girls or Boys?

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Competition is a contest between individuals or a group of individuals. Competition is the opposite form of cooperation. It usually arises when two individuals fight to achieve the same goal and they usually can’t share it with one another. There are many basic reasons of competition among human beings. They usually compete for the food, for clothes, and for other daily basic needs. Competition between the two businessmen arises to reach at the higher position.

We are here to discuss the competition between boys and girls. Competition between boys and girls usually arise in the matter of study. One compete another in the same field to achieve one’s desired goal. As the girls are more intelligent than boys, so they always compete over boys in every field. Like In study, debates or other effective activities.  Few days ago in Matric Result 2013 girls beat boys in Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad.

If a particular task is given to the groups of boys and girls or the individuals then I can definitely say that girls will always beat the boys. Girls pay proper attention to the studies and take more interest in useful activities regarding study rather than boys. On the other hand boys don’t pay the proper attention to their study. They always waste their time in roaming, in playing or in other useless activities. The IQ level of girls is more than boys.

If we see the result of exams we will came to know that girls always beat the boys in final exams whether it was school exams or board exams. Like in all KPK Boards Peshawar, Swat, Bannu, Kohat, Mardan, Malakand, Abbotabad and DI Khan girls were at Top Positions in SSC Part 2 Examinations 2013. Girls are always trying to research on new things while boys are busy in performing their abortive activities. Even when the final exams are conducting they don’t take interest in the studies, so in this way girls always compete over guys mostly in the study affairs. If we talk about the competition between girls and boys regarding the playing issue, then we can say that boys always compete over girls in this matter. Because boys are the best athlete and girls are best in their study affairs.






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